March 2020 is a crazy time. The world is in crisis, the economy is taking a downturn and events are being canceled left and right. Of course, the first reaction is PANIC. Empty the grocery stores to stock up our bunkers and buy hand sanitiser like it's a brand new hashtagable craze. In these times it's important to remember that there is something you can do to help better the situation. To make it easier for your family, friends, and employees to get to the other side just as you hope to do. Now, while covering your entire body with disinfectant might not be the answer there are steps you can take to help yourself and others. Stay safe this March with a few tips on how to survive 2020. Keep these tips close by on a notepad or print them to place around your workspace and help everyone live a cleaner, safer lifestyle.


1.      Keep a Safe Zone. Make sure your home/office is always disinfected and clean so that you know you are safe from harmful bacteria there.

2.      Wash/sanitise your hands regularly. Every time you come into contact with something/someone outside of your safe zone make sure to wash or sanitise your hands asap. This is one of the most important steps to prevent the spread of germs.

3.      Avoid touching your face. You might not realise it but you touch your face a lot. STOP IT.

4.      Avoid shaking hands. Shaking hands might by a classy and professional way to greet people but it’s also one of the fastest ways to spread bacteria. Alternatively hand out elbow bumps when you close that next business deal.

5.      Avoid large crowds. There’s a good chance you’ll encounter someone in a large crowd that has been infected. Rather stay in your safe zone.

6.      If you feel sick, get tested. If you feel like you have a fever or general flu symptoms head to your nearest hospital and get tested just to be sure. During this time try to come in contact with as few people as possible.

7.      Educate your peers. Having educational Posters or Banners around the workplace is a cheap and effective way to inform staff about proper hygiene practices and how to avoid spreading diseases.

8.      Open Screening Stations. Having a Screening station at your business is a very effective way of preventing possible spread of viruses. The most common screening method is taking every staff member’s temperature via an IR Thermometer before they enter the premises. Every Screening station should have the above information to assure staff are aware of the best practices and what to do in the worst-case scenario. Below are two options of Screening Stations that could help you educate staff and prevent spreading infection. 

Screening Pack 1

Screening Pack 2


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