Introducing SG Branding. What's different? Why are we changing? A word from CEO Warren De Villiers will explain it perfectly. 
For us, it’s always been about family. 
After 25 years of going from strength to strength, our family is growing to include longstanding staff members.  Changing our regional sales branches to independent franchisees have allowed us to give exciting new opportunities to our staff, while gearing ourselves for continued success in the South African, Sub-Saharan Africa and European markets.
So here’s to another 25 years of innovation, service and getting your name out there!
Warren de Villiers
At the end of the day you're still getting exactly what we've always be able to offer, but with so much more.  By franchising we can invite Entrepreneurs all over the world to be a part of our Family here at SG Branding, starting right here at our very core. Our roots in South Africa are what make us what we are today, and without the people involved we wouldn't be anywhere close to what we have achieved in our time on this Earth. 
As this transition comes to fruition we would like to thank all our loyal supporters for sticking with us and for coming on this journey with us. We will continue to work hard in our efforts to supply the most innovative and best quality Branding the market has to offer. 
What can you expect from us going forward? 
A lot may seem like it's just the same as before and we like it that way, but we're also offering a few extras to help our clients better understand our company and our products. 
  • Product set-up videos. Set-up videos for all products will be completed during the next few weeks. Every Product will have a detailed step-by-step instructional video, easy to access online, for each product so that you never get stuck in the field not knowing how to get the best out of your branding.
  • Informative blogs. Blogs will be put out on a regular basis to keep customers in the know about to best care for their branding and how their branding can best care for them.
  • Online information access. A lot more information will be available online for easy access. 
  • Event Sponsorship. SG Branding is big on Sponsorship. We love to be involved in what our clients are doing and we love to show support to local initiatives that want to make a difference. 
These are just some of the things in the works at SG Branding and trust us when we say there is a lot more on the way. 
Stick with us and we will #GetYourNameOutThere
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